A friend of mine purchased your lube from Exxxotica and we used it… and OMG! I have never orgasmed so hard or felt so good down there in my entire life!!! So I had to order it!

As an active member of Coralyn Jewel's Swinger community, I had the pleasure of being involved in her trial and provided feedback based on my experience with me and my husband and this product. We personally feel, she finally nailed it. It has no smell and no taste and both of us agreed it intensified our orgasm. Plus, the bottle lasts a long time, as we only needed two pumps. Thanks.

I was skeptical about if I would feel any difference as a man using a CBD lube. I met Coralyn at an adult trade show in Chicago and she put some on my hand and said just walk around for a bit and see how it does not get sticky and dry up. Seriously, after 45 minutes I walked back and said I wanted a bottle. I used it with my wife 2 days later. Here is the kicker, we use lube all the time but this time she was really turned on. I later asked her what she felt different and she and I both agreed we felt more sensitive and heightened pleasure. Nice product Coralyn.

I attended one of Coralyn's Parties and she was passing out samples of her lube for us to try. She wanted our feedback negative or positive so she could create her best product. The thing I hate about most lube is that they dry up fast and get sticky. I love this stuff. I only need like 3 pumps at the most and then I put it aside. It has no smell at all and no taste. It feels really smooth and I sometimes get sore during intercourse and Coralyn said sometimes CBD can assist in helping your muscles to relax. I felt a big difference and I purchased two bottles once she finally was ready to put on the market. Great stuff!

I am an adult webcam performer and I needed something that would not dry up so quick and also would last longer as I am doing numerous shows daily. I went to a seminar and asked Coralyn afterwards what she thought. Being a performer herself, she laughed nd said that is why I embarked on a journey to develop this. I really like this. I can not taste anything or smell anything. It does not get sticky and it lasts awhile.


I recommend this book highly to remind us all of perseverance and determination. It is a story of a journey of giving so much of herself to the world. What an amazing person. This story will make you only guess what happens next. Thank you for sharing this amazing exciting story!

I heard about this book from a friend. It is nice to hear the other-side of this world from someone who opened her personal life and shared with strangers. I found this book very heart felt and thank you to Coralyn Jewel I hope you will add another book with more of your story

This is a story of persistence and drive to persevere through the twists and turns of life. Coralyn is a true fighter and this is reflected in the telling of this brave women's experiences. Although her path may be different from the readers, the principals she shares are valuable for anyone going through difficult times. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to expand their understanding of the adult entertainment industry and its many facets.

A fascinating read and intimate look at a world people talk about in the shadows. This beautiful woman owns her story and life choices and now shines not only as all the other professions she’s dabbled in but as an author. Highly recommend ❤️